Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Dilemma of Working from Home!

This morning, I awakened with the thought that I would really jump in and get everything done today!!! I have eBay orders to pack & ship, merchandise to photograph, listing to do, ironing of linens & packaging them for sale.  I have two webinars to watch & listen to, a book on Social Networking tips to read, business materials to order....and on and on.  

Unfortunately, life does not always co-operate with what you have planned!  It seems to interject itself into your "working" time, screaming that "I need to be taken care of RIGHT NOW"!  Four phone calls & 3 different representatives from a pharmaceutical company, just to get my husband's diabetic strips shipped!! Call to doctor to get the prescription straightened out!!  Cats need to be fed (again), oops....someone did something in the litter box.....gotta clean that!  That load of clothes that I put in the washer at 8am this morning really need to get into the dryer, and oh, those clothes in the dryer need to be folded!!  Are your days like this???

No matter how hard I try to set aside a specific time to run my business, and do what I have to, it just doesn't work out!!!  I am my only no one else is going to step forward & do what needs to be done!   

Four cats & a retired husband, who has NO hobbies, No interests what so ever, who is recovering from a surgery, and who loves to talk about everything & anything from sunrise to sunset, keep demanding my time.  And today, I am frustrated.   I want to yell, scream & tell everyone to leave me alone for just awhile!!  But I won't.  I will do what I have to, and then squeeze in my work time between my family responsibilities.  Is this the way it's suppose to be??

Now I must end this little rant, and get busy with work.  Go pack those orders & get them shipped.  Maybe I can listen to the 2 webinars this afternoon....if nothing else demands my time. 

Soon, I will have a new office.  Yes, a spare bedroom.  I am re-doing the room to fit my needs for the business.  It has to wait until Spring though.  Hurry hurry Spring!!!! :-)

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