Thursday, August 11, 2011

Identifying Fake Nippon Pieces

In todays market, I have seen alot of reproductions (fake) Nippon pieces. Some are very well done, and painted beautifully, and others are very obvious as they are not the quality of the true Nippon pieces.

These pieces are getting into the United States from China. They use a phony mark (there are several!) on the bottom of the piece, and to get it into the US, all they need to do is put a paper label on it stating that it was made in China. Once in the US, the paper label is easily removed, and the piece is passed off as a true aged, antique!

When you purchase a real Nippon piece, you are purchasing porcelain that was made before 1921 (all pieces after 1921 were marked Japan or Made in Japan). This porcelain has true value, whereas the fake pieces will never gain the value, no matter how pretty they are. These fake pieces are being seen in hatpin holders, powder jars, vases etc. On the vases, I have noticed that the real Nippon is glazed on the inside of the vase. The fake pieces are not.

There are 3 fake wreath marks. One with the "M' in the middle is missing the stem on the leaf. One has an upside down "K" in the middle of the wreath, and another with an hourglass in the upside down wreath. There are two rising sun marks; one from Japan that has zigzagged rays, and one from China that has fewer rays than the true Nippon mark, and the sun is not a solid color. On the real mark, the sun is all colored in. There is also a fake RC mark that is all in green, whereas the real mark has the words Hand Painted in red.

In order to keep from having problems when you are selling Nippon, Limoges or RS Prussia pieces, be sure to learn the differences in the marks and also in the look and feel of the pieces. Invest in a jewelers loup so that you can take a very close look at the marks. True Nippon collectors will be very upset if they purchase a piece from you, and find after receiving it, that it is not a true Nippon piece, but a cheap reproduction.

There are many good reference books out there, plus websites that have the marks for you to compare. Take the time to do this before listing these pieces.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What you will see in my ebay store!

Here is a little preview of what you will find in my ebay store, Sandy's Collectibles and More!! Music is In Accordance With Regulations by Skully from his Scent of a Moment cd.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

HOW TO: Improve Engagement on Your Brand's Facebook Page [STATS]

HOW TO: Improve Engagement on Your Brand's Facebook Page [STATS]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sell In More Than One Venue

I have found a wonderful place to sell my glassware, besides eBay and Bonanza!! This place is called Addoway!! It is connected to Facebook so it has tons of exposure! Friend have been making alot of sales on there in the past couple of days.

Addoway makes it very easy to set up a storefront. You sign up (it's FREE) and they have importers for eBay, Bonanza and Etsy!! It will automatically pull in all of your listings from these places!!! You don't have to delete them from your other venues!! I have mine on ebay, Bonanza & Addoway. I changed the prices slightly (you can do it before you import them by choosing to give a percentage off (I did 10% or by a dollar amount). The advantage to this is, it gives you double exposure when the items are submitted to Google because the listings are NOT identical!!!

There are no listing fees, no basic store fees and no final value fees. You can upgrade to the next level for $8.95 a month, but it's not necessary. It's a fun community, with great customer service and a sellers page where you can get to know everyone. Come by and check it out!!! Talk to Fred Nijm, the creator of the site. He is always accessable!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Setting up a packing & shipping station for sellers

Whether you have a whole room, or just a corner, there are some essentials that you must have at hand in order to be effient at packing and shipping the items that you sell on eBay or any other selling site.

The first thing that I suggest is getting yourself a digital scale. These are very accurate, and can be purchased at any office supply store. I purchased mine for about $50 several years ago, but it is worth it.

Set up a table, whether a long 6' table or just a card table, but some place that can be your designated packing station. On this table, or a shelf above or next to it, within easy reach, you should have the scale, tape & tape gun, pen, black marker, FRAGILE stamp,custom forms (for First Class International shipments)and any materials that you include with your shipments like business cards or coupons.

Have a specific tote or place to put your bubble wrap (please don't use newspaper!! (It is SO unprofessional looking!) and packing peanuts. I keep a supply of packing peanuts in a large tote under may packing table, and my roll of bubble wrap is next to the table. If you use the large rolls of bubble wrap, putting it on a clothes rack works wonderfully!!

It helps also, if you have a shelf or extra table to put the items on to be shipped along with the invoice. As I pack each item, I stamp the package with the Fragile stamp in several places, then tape the invoice to the top to keep from mixing up packages.

After they are all packed, I weigh each one, writing the weight on the box where the label will go, and also on the invoice (which I keep). You can include an invoice in the box if you wish. When I am finished weighing the boxes, I then take them to my computer and print the labels.

Below are a few photos of how I have set up my packing station. Keeping this set up helps me get the orders out quicker and keeps everything I need at hand.
Good luck setting up your Packing and Shipping station!!!




Monday, January 3, 2011

New Items in my ebay store!!

Sandy's Collectibles and More carries glassware of all kinds and from all eras. Stop by at