Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Setting up a packing & shipping station for sellers

Whether you have a whole room, or just a corner, there are some essentials that you must have at hand in order to be effient at packing and shipping the items that you sell on eBay or any other selling site.

The first thing that I suggest is getting yourself a digital scale. These are very accurate, and can be purchased at any office supply store. I purchased mine for about $50 several years ago, but it is worth it.

Set up a table, whether a long 6' table or just a card table, but some place that can be your designated packing station. On this table, or a shelf above or next to it, within easy reach, you should have the scale, tape & tape gun, pen, black marker, FRAGILE stamp,custom forms (for First Class International shipments)and any materials that you include with your shipments like business cards or coupons.

Have a specific tote or place to put your bubble wrap (please don't use newspaper!! (It is SO unprofessional looking!) and packing peanuts. I keep a supply of packing peanuts in a large tote under may packing table, and my roll of bubble wrap is next to the table. If you use the large rolls of bubble wrap, putting it on a clothes rack works wonderfully!!

It helps also, if you have a shelf or extra table to put the items on to be shipped along with the invoice. As I pack each item, I stamp the package with the Fragile stamp in several places, then tape the invoice to the top to keep from mixing up packages.

After they are all packed, I weigh each one, writing the weight on the box where the label will go, and also on the invoice (which I keep). You can include an invoice in the box if you wish. When I am finished weighing the boxes, I then take them to my computer and print the labels.

Below are a few photos of how I have set up my packing station. Keeping this set up helps me get the orders out quicker and keeps everything I need at hand.
Good luck setting up your Packing and Shipping station!!!