Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle Pretty Lights!

     Last Christmas, we did not put up a Christmas tree.  In October, we adopted a pair of kitten brothers who were just barely 8 weeks old.  We named them Willie & Jase, after the Robertson brothers from the tv show Duck Dynasty.  These two little guys acted just like the Robertson brothers; always into mischief.  So, thinking ahead, instead of putting up our 7 1/2' Christmas tree with all the beautiful pink, crystal, white, & silver glass decorations, I took a little 2 foot scrawny artificial tree, wired little red cardinal birds to the branches, and set it on the buffet table.  It took about 5 minutes for the boys to find the tree and check it out.  After about 10 minutes, it was on the floor, plastic beads hanging off, and red birds twisted every direction but straight!!

     This year, I decided to be proactive!   Even though the boys are now a little over a year old, they are still full of mischief, so I decided to do something a bit different this year.  I wanted a Christmas tree with lights & the works!!!  I proceeded to the nearest Walmart, and purchased a 4" white artificial tree, pre-lit with pretty lights of red, blue, green & yellow!  I then went into the decoration aisle, and bought gold, silver & crystal unbreakable balls for the tree.  Haha!! I have outsmarted the little buggers this year!!

     Yesterday, I put the tree together (not really much to do, except unfold it & make it look like a tree).  To make sure that my little guys didn't knock the tree over, I took packing tape & taped the tree stand to the table that it was sitting on.  That should do it!!  They won't be able to knock this tree over!!!   It didn't take long to add the decorations & the crystal beads.  I topped it off with my Grandmother's 1950's Angel.  Not bad looking for a cheap plastic tree.

     Last night, as the sun went down, and it started to get dark, I plugged the tree in.  Pretty bright lights shining off of the gold & silver decorations!! Very tempting to two little kittens full of mischief!!!  As the evening went on, and with every little noise coming from upstairs (our tv room is downstairs) , I went up to check the tree.  Nothing!! Not a branch, ornament or bead out of place.  Maybe they haven't seen the tree??  But how could they miss it??  It's bright & shiny!!! It's something new & different!  Aren't you even curious about it?? 

     Well, guess what!  Those two little stinkers completely ignored that Christmas tree!!!  Not even a glance!! What???  After all of the work I went through to keep that tree & my kittens safe, and they don't even have the decency to at least jump up and take a look at it??  Bat an ornament or two??  How can they do this to me???

I am so disappointed.


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