Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ways to Clear Cloudy Glass

We have all run across that perfect piece of glassware/stemware, but it has a cloudy film and has lost it's crystal clear look. What can you do?

There are several means you can try to restore the original luster to the glassware if it not scratching but rather a build-up of minerals from the water, or years of washing.

Ammonia will very often strip off the cloudiness and clear up your vintage glass.

When ammonia doesn’t work, Vaseline might. Coat the dish, and leave it sit for four or five days before washing it.

Vaseline will also save nearly any dish from mineral build-up if left on for three to five days.

Denture tablets are another possibility. Use warm water to cover the dish and two polident/ efferent tablets; they very successfully eat away the stains and don’t usually harm the dishes.

Krazy Kloth, a supermarket cleaner much vaunted to remove mineral stains of hard water.

Lemon Juice, or Realemon juice, which is concentrate lemon juice and very acidic; soak the lemon juice up on a paper towel and lay the paper towel over the area to be cleaned on your plate or bowl.

Many times if nothing else works there is a chance that toothpaste will help you to take away the cloudiness, and sometimes bathroom tub cleaner such as DOW will help to clear them up.

Never use things such as drain cleaner or CLR, which will actually eat away the base glass of your dish or plate

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