Friday, January 9, 2015

Creating A Sale Ad For An Online Store (Sort of)

Hello, and a very Happy New Year to you!  With all of the holidays behind us, it is time to get back to work to make a successful 2015!

Now that the year has started, I thought it was a great idea to reduce my inventory so that I could add new merchandise to spark my sales.   I arranged my sale to begin this week, and to run for the next week.  In order to bring in traffic to my store, I always like to market the sale on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

There is this simply amazing website for making graphics.  It is called Canva,  I use this website, which is also in an application form for iPad and smart phones.  Canva has forms in the correct size for everything from Twitter posts to headers for both Facebook & Twitter.  There are several free backgrounds and graphics available, and if you want something particular, the backgrounds are only $1.00.

Now, I have used this wonderful website many times before.  Thankfully, it's an easy site to use.  Unfortunately, not so easy when you are using a touch screen laptop!  It was my first attempt to make an ad graphic using my new laptop.  I found exactly what I wanted for my ad.  Perfect background and the perfect graphic to add my store information to.

As I proceeded to design my ad,  I found that using a stylus did not work too well.  Every time I tried to drag words or photos into place, they ended up on top of each other.  I fought that crazy touch screen for two full hours!  But, being determined to get the ad finished, I carried on, and finally finished it.  Yay!   Press save.......and download!     Check download folder for ad to share on social media sites..........nothing..... Try again to download.........nothing.   No way, no how was that computer going to allow me to download that ad!!

Did you know that Canva has a "school" to teach you how to use all of the tools on the website??  I will be starting it this week.

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